Saturday, April 13, 2013

Recycled Cycles - Team Night

A week or two ago - been a little slow on the blog action - official team night for our school mountain bike teams.  Just so happens one of the boys on my junior high team, his dad owns Recycled Cycles, here in Seattle.  He offered to host a team night for the junior high and high school teams, complete with pizza and families invited.  Awesome.  Plus 10% off shop goodies and free reign to use the bike stands and tools.  Sign us up.

We had about 25 folks show, students and parents alike.  General chatting, milling about, and eating of pizza.  I didn't grab many pics, too busy yapping with folks and working on bikes.  A fun night and good excuse for the teammates to goof around a bit.

Steve, owner of Recycled Cycles, stares down a spinning wheel.  I was actually wrenching on teammate Scotty's bike, while my son Ian grabs the secret photo.  My own bike shop days ended in the mid '80s, yet it feels so right standing at the bike stand, searching for tools on the workbench and soaking up the shop vibe.

Recycled Cycles specializes in used bikes, but also carry brand spanking new models from Raleigh, Kona, Marin and Diamondback.  Plenty of bins with used parts to fish through, along with some cool vintage stuff to gawk at.  Mix of Old 'N' New to entertain all.

Old school steel Merckx with vintage Mavic goodies as added bonus.  Yes please.

Interesting stuff hangs from above.

Need a frame?  Take a gander, including the sweet Gunnar.

Just a sample of student riders and racers that attended.

This bike stuff is serious business.

So there you have it, a glimpse of the night's activities.  Fun and frolicking included at no extra charge.  Big kudos to Recycled Cycles for hosting and feeding us all.  When in Seattle, stop by and check 'em out.  To old school me, a "real" bike shop worth a visit.

Coaching and being part of the Washington Student League has been a blast so far.  Stay tuned for more details.  We now return to our regular programing, already in progress...

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