Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fat Chance Yo Eddy - Sweet Restore

Came across this super nice restored '93 Yo Eddy while cruising eBay, complete with NOS SunTour XC Pro build.  Sweet.  Bike shown at the recent NAHBS event to give folks a chance (Ha! Get it?) to gawk at some trick old school iron.

Apparently, this dude - Martin Kozaczek - is restoring mountain bikes from the golden era for resale.  And if this Fat Chance is any example of his work, impressive stuff.  Additional pics of this Fat on his blog.

Current bidding action on this restore is over $4000, higher then I would have predicted.  Yowza.  Call now, operators are standing by.


  1. Nice job on the bike for sure, but $4K is a lot. I might have to follow-up watching his blog. I wish I could find the frame like he does in my neck of the woodsa

  2. Cruise eBay often and all kind of stuff shows up. This Fat sold for $4300 - wow.