Friday, June 1, 2012

Bus Documentary

Interesting trailer for what appears to be a cool documentary, celebrating the iconic Volkswagen bus.  One of the most recognizable vehicles ever built.  No doubt.

I've always dug VW buses, old and later model versions, but never owned one.  I did own a '68 Bug and '73 Thing many years ago, and was into the air cooled VW shtick for awhile.  I still dig that stuff and occasionally flip through VW magazines, cruise related sites, and search eBay and Craigslist.  Mostly for the entertainment value.

While searching for a used vehicle about two years ago, considered finally owning a VW bus and test drove a few.  Clean examples go for loopy prices, especially the camper version.  Earlier versions are also amazingly slow and crude, compared to modern rigs - but that's part of their charm.

I'd really like a '60s - '70s era bus to modify.  Lowered, fatter wheels and tires, disk brake kit, modified motor - tons of aftermarket items available.  Would drive much better then stock and still look retro cool.  Even has room for bikes.  Maybe someday...


  1. My brother had his heart set on a VW Bus back in the day but it was much cheaper to buy a new, fully loaded Ford Econoline van. On paper those VW busses don't make since. The new VW mini vans are just Chrystler Town and Country vans with a VW emblem. They aren't fooling anyone. But the older VWs are charming for sure.

  2. The old VW buses technically don't make sense - yet they're damn cool. I'd still like one, but modified a bit.