Sunday, October 30, 2011

MFG Cyclocross Series - Race # 5

The cyclocross train keeps on rollin' with MFG Race # 5 now in the books. The MFG and Seattle series usually alternate weekends, this weekend being the rare doubleheader. MFG on Saturday and Seattle on Sunday. More 'cross then you can shake a stick at. Better eat your Wheaties.

This patented Cross-O-Report reflecting the action from Saturday...

Magnuson Park in Seattle hosted as the official race site. Spectacular fall day included at no extra charge.

SRAM red and blue skies.

Still working on my alleged photography skills, playing with blur and panning. Crappy, decent, not bad? Place your vote now.

Aligned helmets. Ian to the left of both shots.

Fast kid and teammate Henry, buzzes the tunnel.

Ian dives into the tunnel.

Other junior racers cruise the tunnel. Not really a full tunnel, but a cool vantage point for some overhead shots.

Teammate Jarrett focuses on the win, taking first place for Junior Boys 13 -14 division. Great job.

Ian looking pro running the barriers. Nothing cooler then watching your 12 year old son race. Put in a solid ride, taking 5th place in Junior Boys 13-14 division, only 7 kids in that class for the day.

Not really Ian's type of course - flat, fast, decent amount of pavement - him being more of a technical mountain biker. Also racing with two swollen knuckles, courtesy of a gym class mishap that bent his fingers back. Ouch. Then, even though he seemed fine at the race, spent the rest of the day on the couch feeling sick. We elected to skip the Sunday race and sleep in - smart move - need to keep all this fun and positive.

Being close to Halloween, Costumes-O-Plenty circulating the course. Gotta love the 'cross scene.

Yes indeed.


  1. Love the pics, several favorites, #8 really jumps out at me.

  2. Thanks. Yeah, that pic came out alright - plus a teammate of Ian's to boot.

    I've also been posted all team related pics at another location for Ian's team to view. More fun to share 'em then hiding 'em on a computer.