Friday, October 7, 2011

Bicycle Commuting Numbers are Up

Interesting article on the increasing numbers of bike commuters in various U.S. cities. Click here to check it out.

I've been bike commuting on and off for 25+ years. The last 7 or so years, very much on, with more miles ridden to work then driven. Yeah, I'm bragging a little. Over those years I've witnessed the increase of bikes buzzing around Seattle. During some commutes, I get a kick out of sitting in a small pack of bikes, waiting for a light to change.

Seattle isn't Copenhagen, at least not yet - and probably never will be. Even so, great to see the numbers up and people using bikes for transportation. If you're already a cyclist, give bike commuting a shot. An easy way to add riding to your normal day, save money, and potentially even time. Give it a go.

Ride on...


  1. My work location is going to change in 2012. I am planning that part of my commute to work will be by bike.

    Starting back on my MB-1 project for the bike I plan to use for the commute.

    Looks like my city is not on the list!

  2. Cool to see you may start bike commuting. A great way to get some riding time in.

    Yes - the statistics are ramping up in many places...

  3. I think the actual numbers are even higher than the statistics indicate. Myself, for instance, I do a multi-modal commute. I have a folding bike that I ride to the train station, take the train downtown, and then ride to work. But I don't know if I count as a bike commuter, because I spend more total minutes on the train. But I guess better to underestimate the numbers than the other way around.

  4. In my book, any part of the commute covered by bike counts. Sounds like a great set up.