Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Singletrack Cruising

Sunday cruise in our local woods this afternoon, complete with video proof. Family bought me a GoPro camera for Christmas, finally got around to goofing with it today. Ian wanted to wear it first, so here's a glimpse of our neighborhood singletrack, courtesy of view from Ian's noggin. Music courtesy of the Ventures.

We shared the ride today with an old mountain bike pal Craig, and his son David, who just turned 12 today. Ian turns 12 next month. Craig and I actually met on this trails when I lead a BBTC ride 20+ years ago. Craig also met his wife on these very same network of trails years ago during a trail work event.

We both have some long history with these beloved trails. Helped build some of 'em, maintained 'em, fought to keep 'em open, and ridden 'em a few thousand times over the years.

I haven't seen Craig in quite awhile and we ran into each other by chance today. Super cool to now share these trails with our sons. The cycle continues.


  1. Due to some formating issue, the video is chopped and blurry. Annoying. But semi-viewable...

  2. I'm seeing these cameras everywhere it seems. Very cool, Dan. I don't recall the bridge, but it has been a number of years. -J

  3. Jim - the camera works really well - despite my crappy posting. On my Mac at home, displays fantastic - even on full screen. This when viewed directly via iPhoto after direct download - the raw footage.

    Once edited in iMovie, still cool. When exported to a CD level of resolution, it goes from 500+ MB down to 20 MB (or so), losing much of the definition. Even so, when viewed with Quicktime, looks fine.

    After uploading to Google (YouTube), resolution turns to crap, with frame cut off as added bonus. Does this same thing uploaded to Vimeo. Annoying and further proof why the Amish are ahead.

    I'll experiment with exporting from iMovie with a high resolution. Downside to that will be the upload time to Google or Vimeo.

    You may or may not have hit those trails back in the day. This is the backside of Big Finn Hill Park. That bridge is fairly new. Years ago, was just a stream crossing. Later, some shoddy homemade bridge lived there for a few years. The new bridge was officially approved and constructed by volunteers. It's pretty damn sturdy.

    You should check out the area, many new trails from years ago. A great setup, especially since I can ride 'em from my house.