Saturday, June 25, 2011

Old Guys Rock

Hit the weekly "Old Guy Ride" this morning, complete with Ian in tow. Showing off your well riding 11 year old son is more fun then wowing anyone with the latest carbon fiber Widget-O-Wonder. Ian didn't slow the group down one bit. Call me a proud Poppa. Call me Poppa Wheelie...

Solid 2+ hour ride today. I get a kick out of riding with these guys. Fun, low key, plenty of jokes, a few crashes, coffee stop mid ride. It's what mountain biking is really about - bombing around the woods with a bunch of like minded folks - just having fun and being outside on two wheels.

Mountain biking defies age, social class, what bike you're riding, riding skill level, clothes you wear - doesn't matter. Just show up and ride, and you're in the club. This 15 year old weekly ride is a shining example of that.

I grabbed a few pics to share...

Bethel, Principle of Ian's elementary school, gives a lesson on flat repair. Weird tire/rim slippage ripped the valve on the tube. Happened again a short while later with tube # 2. Bummer. Ian sharing a ride with his Principle, I think that's pretty cool.

Bill gives "The Rock" a go. Not shown - slow speed bobble at the top complete with gasps from crowd.

Tom cruises "The Rock" aboard his fairly new, and very sweet, Santa Cruz Tall Boy. If you ride the St Ed/Big Finn Hill area, you owe Tom a thank you. He does much to keep the area open to bikes; dealing with official types, trail maintenance, and other behind the scenes action.

Some of the gang from today's little fun fest.

It's not mountain biking without a little bloodshed.

Mountain biking rocks. But hey, you knew that already.


  1. Yeah - fun group of guys to ride with. Always cool to know someone will be there waiting any Saturday morning.