Saturday, June 11, 2011

Duthie Hill Anniversary

Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park turned one year old today, complete with official shindig to celebrate the occasion. Ian and I headed over to check out the festivities. We always have a good time at Duthie; then add in vendor booths, demo rides, food, and pile of mountain bike folks. How can you go wrong?

Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance hosted this gig, along with numerous vendors. During the '90s I was very involved with this club, while it was known as the Backcountry Bicycle Trails Club, or BBTC for short. Its since evolved with a new generation of people running the show. Cool to see. This now ends the history lesson. Yes, it will be on the final exam.

Ian seems baffled by the vendor selection. Trek and Specialized attended with demo bikes to sample on actual dirt - along with a few other shops with bikes available to fondle. Shimano put their tent up to show off various XTR and other goodies. There was even a taco truck onsite. I sampled a few to keep the energy level up (burp). Good stuff.

Besides the riding and gawking at bikes, running into folks is also a highlight of the day. Talked with former neighbor and Trek rep, Kurt - who now owns the Bicycles West chain of shops - along with old Mackie pal Jim. Really good dudes who'll get you rolling on a new Trek or whatever else you need. Check 'em out. Also ran into Mercedes, who I know from the uBRDO days, who is now a Shimano rep - and always nice to talk with. Mixed in with the bunch, some old school BBTC pals: Art, Lenny and Nick. Been awhile since I've seen 'em. Great folks.

Due to much yappin' and plenty of riding, I didn't demo any new bikes. Ian did check out a Trek Remedy in his size. Nice bike and he got a kick out of it, but the longer travel felt a bit weird to him - this being his first ride ever on a dual suspension rig. He'll stick to his hardtail for now. A shorter travel rig might suit him better - sometime down the road. Always fun to check out new stuff though, especially in a real riding environment.

Ian and I pose for the camera. With upturned helmet and cycling hat askew, little chance of us being Rapha cover material anytime soon. We're also dressed as cross country types in the Land of Freeride/Downhill-O-Plenty. Every culture has its uniform.

Day's activities included mini bike racin'...

...and the Huffy Toss.

Cool old VW bus provides transportation and hipster cred for this shop. The shop is called "Go Huck Yourself", not "Go....well, you get the idea.

Ian sizes up one of the larger jumps. Don't think we'll be attempting this one anytime soon, or possibly ever...

More our speed. Ian rolls one of the wooden stunts. This kind of stuff is laced throughout the park - some easy, some tricky - all fun.

GoPro camera action as Ian tries out one of the pump tracks.

All in all, a fun day out. Duthie has something for everyone. XC trails, flowing bermed runs, wooden stunts, small and completely sick jumps - its all there. We wound up doing 20 dirt miles today, which ain't too shabby, especially for an 11 year old. Kapish?

We'll be back again. No doubt about that.


  1. I can't believe you guy's are still riding in arm warmers. Here on the east coast it has been HOT, like in the 90's

    Looks like a fun event

  2. Spring here has been colder the normal. It was chilly in the morning, hence the arm warmers. We later peeled those off, along with the extra jersey. Here in the Pacific Northwest, lots of days include warm sun, but with a chilly breeze. I'll take that over 90 degrees anytime. I remember the east coast heat and humidity well. I do miss some thing from the east coast - but not that aspect. As I type this, 61 degrees in my backyard. I'll take it.

    We both look a little goofy in this photo, but included it anyway. I rarely grace this blog with my goofy mug. You can now see why...

    The event was fun - as is this park. It's become insanely popular, but never seems crowded. As I've mentioned in previous posts, fantastic place for kids, with many of 'em as proof. Old school XC me can't poo poo this park concept - it just plain works.

    I do fear however, that people associate mountain biking with parks alone - like downhill skiing - and that would somehow limit access to actual natural areas. And that's where "real" mountain biking happens. The park is a great addition however - big fun.

  3. All looks so awesome. I seem to be taking less and less risks as I ride these day. My biggest fear, by a long shot, is missing bike time from an injury, hurts worse then the hurts.

  4. Yup - healing at 45+ is worlds different from kids. Even so, If I had the bucks, would add a 6 inch travel dual trail bike to the mix - for some jumping and stunt practice. Would be a cool addition to the 29er hardtail.

    Pretty hard not to wanna try that stuff after riding Duthie a few times...