Sunday, April 24, 2011

Junior Team Ride - Here Comes the Sun

Saturday morning Ian and I hosted a mountain bike training/fun ride for his junior team. I posted a notice on the team site late in the week, even so, we had a few people attend. Ian and Anders, pictured post ride above. Teammate WIll and his dad rode with us for a short while, then needed to bail to join his high school team ride. Garth, head honcho for Northwest Velo, joined the shindig as well.

After all the rain and cold temps we've been living with for weeks now, weather was spectacular for the ride. Full on sun and temps in the 60s. Dry trails, no mud, fast conditions. Perfect-O. We buzzed singletrack for two hours, then called it a day. A good day I may add. It was fun to show these folks our local trails at St Ed/Big Finn Hill.

I'm looking to host more of these team rides over the spring and summer. I really enjoy getting these kids out on mountain bikes. I'll set up more rides as time allows, again at St Ed/Big Finn Hill and other nearby areas. It all adds up to all around bike goodness. Juniors on the team with little mountain bike experience gain singletrack time, Ian gets to ride with kids/teammates around his age, and I get to witness it all - while riding myself.

As the corporate types would say, "A win win situation." I think you'd agree.

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