Tuesday, April 19, 2011

After Work Woods Ride - Yes Please

Spring is still trying to emerge here in the Pacific Northwest. Trees are springin' leaves, the days are getting longer, yet we've been barely able to break 50 degrees most days. Lots of on/off rain added for additional enjoyment. Not bad when I arrived home from work today though - driving, not riding - my bike commute routine has been toast for months. My lamest riding winter in years. I'll come around though, no worry there.

So, arrived home to 55 degrees and sun. Almost summer like compared to the last few weeks. Wife and daughter out for a bit, son Ian suffering through homework. Let's hit the woods - so after a quick change, off we go. Slightly muddy conditions, but not bad at all. Ian looking pro with his clipless pedals and team jersey. I still get a big grin following him through the woods. Today, he occasionally buzzed off the front out of my view. He's getting faster and stronger all the time. In a few short years, he'll be dropping me like a bad habit.

We stayed out a little longer then expected, almost dark for the return trip. Ran into our neighbor Rich, serious triathlete dude and all around nice guy, and talked bikes for awhile. I've been trying to get him on a mountain bike to share a few rides. Hopefully soon.

Short video clip of Ian on our downhill log drop section, a fun section of trail. I was too lazy to edit off the first few seconds of the clip. Enjoy the setting sun through the trees, while waiting for Ian to ride into view.


  1. Your father and son relationship with Ian on the bikes, always blesses my socks off. I think Ian will have a life time of fun, riding the ride. Awesome!!!

  2. Thanks. I'd hope he'd remember this stuff years down the road. Our rides together are special chunks of time wedged between the usual mayhem of work, school, homework and other daily life. While we're cruising though the trees, all forgotten.