Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ibis Mojo SL-R

Welcome to Bike Lust 101, well, my version anyway. Behold the newly released Ibis Mojo SL-R in all its carbon fiber glory. I've wanted a Mojo since being released from the reincarnated Ibis a few years ago. The SL-R is the latest edition, now the frame weight is under 5 pounds - for 5.5 inches of travel. Sweet. Oh yes it is.

Frame alone is $2499. Out of my ball park for at least - oh - the next 10 years or so. Factory build kits range from SLX for $4099, to full blown XTR for a mere $6599, to SRAM XX for only $6674. Chump change for Donald Trump, laughably unaffordable to all around family guy like me. Bikes have gotten loopy expensive, like pretty much everything else in life.

If any Secret Santas are out there, I'll take the XTR version. Just saying Mojo SL-R with XTR is almost worth the price of admission. Size large if you're keeping track. Easter is just around the corner, maybe the Easter Bunny can bring me one. I'll even skip the chocolate eggs and jelly beans to compensate.


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