Sunday, December 5, 2010

Night Ride !!

Even though I pull off my share of night commutes, its been years since I've done a night mountain bike ride. That slump ended today with my first night woods ride in at least 12 years, and Ian's first night ride ever. Right before sunset, we fired up the lights and hit the local trails. Clear, cool weather - around 45 degrees - perfect trail conditions. It was a gas - super nice night.

Ian did really well for his first night cruise in the woods. At times, he was flying along at a pretty fast clip, like a pro. He seemed to get a kick out of it, as did I. Years back I did a far amount of mountain biking at night, solo, and at times with a group of people. We'd hit the dark woods regularly, usually on a weeknight after work. Blazing through the woods tonight reminded me of those times, except now sharing the experience with my 11 year old son. Very cool.

Ian, blinded by the flash, plays opossum after a slow speed crash. He's ridden over this small bridge countless times without a fall. Riding in the dark changes the perspective a bit, and can throw your timing off. Only crash of the night, more humorous then dangerous.

After 10 miles or so of nocturnal singletrack cruising, we headed home for dinner and a warm house. Ian mentioned he'd like to night ride again. I have a feeling this winter will be a little more fun then usual.


  1. Neato, Ian's love of bicycling. Night riding for me is necessity if I want to ride outside after work now with the shorter days. Seems trying to develope a regular commitment to indoor rollers slowly slips into I lose my bikig legs for the winter.

  2. I rode the trainer last night. Yup, pretty much torture - but needed at times.