Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cannondale Hooligan - The End of an Era

I noticed someone riding through downtown Seattle on this bike a few days ago. I actually scoped one of these out at REI during the summer, including buzzing around inside the large bike department. The thing was a gas, just plain fun to ride. What the hell would I use it for? I have no idea, but could probably rock some killer wheelies on it. That would be enough justification, if I had a few hundred spare bucks to dump on it. I don't, so no decision required. Seeing the dude cruising the streets of Seattle, reminded me that it exists. The model name is Hooligan and that title seems to fit. Kudos to Cannondale for putting something out like this, that doesn't really fit any existing mold.

Speaking of Cannondale, production of frames in the US has now officially ceased, equipment to produce such frames now up for auction. All Cannondale frames now made off-shore. Mixed feelings about that - businesses are free to do whatever is needed to keep turning a profit - or just stay alive. Still, we're witnessing the complete end of an era for the United States. Good or bad, agree or not - we no longer produce much of anything. The world is a changing place, you can fight it - or go with the flow and modify your way of thinking.

That debate saved for another time and post.

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