Monday, December 6, 2010

Need Your Vote !!

If anyone remembers a few weeks back, I posted a story about my old pal John building up a Xtracycle from a bike I sent him - that was given to me by a neighbor. It's an all around tale of bicycle goodness and keeping old bikes from collecting dust in the garage. John has been using this bike as the "2nd car" for the family and that deserves some praise - no?

John submitted a story to Xtracycle about crashing his, along with some other folks who've also ditched their Xtracycles. The only thing funnier then dumping an Xtracycle, would be crashing a recumbent, so let's give these people some credit. Any cyclist going down in flames piloting an oversized two wheel vehicle, should receive something for providing entertainment for us all.

This shindig is some sort of contest and John is one of the three finalists. With my massive blog readership (ha!), I've agreed to help swing some votes his way. Click on this link to vote. Vote early, vote often.

In case you get confused, John's story involves crashing with a load of ice. Not on ice, carrying ice - as in crushed ice. There's also a funny story of someone crashing with a load of potato salad. Yes, potato salad. Please ignore this story, along with finalist number 3 about a beer crash. Sure, beer dude will get some sympathy votes - please discount that. You wanna vote for John, trust me.

Once again. Vote early, vote often. Thanks for your patronage.

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