Tuesday, October 6, 2009

You Got Me Going On This

I commute to work via bike most days, though some days I must drive - like today. After work, heading to my car - parked a few blocks away for cheaper parking - spotted a coworker, Rory, who I haven't seen in months, stopped at a red light, headed in the opposite direction. She was riding a nice Cannondale, outfitted in bike clothes, looking like the experienced commuter. Awesome.

When the light turned green, I blurted out "And I'm driving today" pointing to her. She smiles as she takes off and yells "You got me going on this!!", then heads down the busy street like pro commuter.

"You got me going on this." Wow, that hit me as a big compliment and put a smile on my face. I was grinning all the way to my car. I recruited Rory for the corporate commuter challenge a few times, and she was on my team last May. I answered some bike questions and provided some advice as well. Now she appears to be the full-on bike commuter. That's pretty damn cool.

Over the years, I've always been "Bike Guy" at every place I've worked. I've put together social rides, formed teams for various events, provided info, loan out magazines, yapped about bikes, took people mountain biking, etc. I'm not trying to be "Mr. Know it All", I just honestly enjoy getting people out there.

At some work places, I wasn't the only "Bike Guy" - but will take some credit for creating new "Bike Guys" and "Bike Girls". A year or so ago, another coworker, Jay, was interested in bikes. Same deal, I answered a few questions, gave some advice and now a year later, Jay is 60+ pounds lighter and is just plain bike loopy - along with his significant other, Jamie. They've since become the commuting couple and now own multiple bikes each. Just thinking maybe I played a part in this, I find super cool. I have a few other examples where I could be suspect in getting people started on their own two wheeled adventure - but won't bore you with more details.

I'm not looking for a medal, but I get a big kick out of seeing people get psyched on riding. It can truly be a life changing event - sounds corny, but true. People who are hooked on this know what I speak. I think Rory, Jay and Jamie - as well anyone reading this goofy blog would probably agree.

Ride on.


  1. I'm expecting a large commission check from the Bicycle Industry any time now.

    I keep checking the mailbox - nothin'.......