Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

It officially feels like fall - mid 50s, damp and overcast. Plus it's Halloween - now you know it's fall. To celebrate and possibly scare ourselves, a mountain bike ride was in order. I've been off the bike for two weeks, my longest break in at least a year. Forced hiatus due to seemingly endless cold symptoms, work and family festivities, plus a few other excuses. I was riding today no matter what - and so I did.

Well, we did - Ian and I. A nice 'n' easy romp through the local woods. Lots of fallen leaves, tacky wet dirt, occasional spritz of rain, punctuated by the sun peeking through the clouds. Quite refreshing actually. Not bad at all.

Interesting sky and lighting conditions today - as demonstrated over Lake Washington.

Ian in silhouette ponders the view - and the steep climb away from the beach.

For Halloween I dressed up as a pro mountain bike racer. I fooled no one.

Bikes gasp in awe of glowing sunlight off lake. Well, something like that anyway.

Ian rests on comfy log, while bikes mysteriously hold themselves upright. Told you it was Halloween.

Our pumpkin collection on display for neighbors to enjoy and squirrels to gnaw on. Everyone wins.

Ian and Amy's Halloween get ups. Beauty and the beast. See? There's no steroids in baseball.

Post ride steak dinner prepared by lovely wife Lori, followed by neighborhood trick or treating - loads of kids running around with overflowing bags of candy. Over the last 10 years or so, there seems to be a huge increase of kids in our neighborhood. Nothing wrong with that - eh?

As a bonus, an extra hour of sleep tonight by turning the clocks back for daylight savings time - or is that daylight un-savings time? Since starting tomorrow, it'll be dark around 5:00 PM. Time to live like mole people.

Happy fall.


  1. Total number of trick-or-treaters at our house this year?

  2. You can always save the bag of candy for next year......

  3. I like the B&W Photos. Halloween was not good for the little one. She got the flu and had to stay home.

  4. Scary as it sounds - those pics are actually in color. Things can get mighty gray here in the Pacific Northwest. Since the sun was also shining directly into the lens, came out a little weird looking - like black and white.

    Too bad for the little one - missing Halloween is no fun.

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