Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cool Bike Hauler

How's this for a cool bike hauler? Being an old air cooled VW fan - think this looks killer. Having a restored van like this to haul bikes around - perhaps with a modified motor, maybe 1835cc with dual Weber carbs, exhaust system, etc - would be styling for sure.

This VW is a rolling advertisement for Vermac USA, the cycling clothes folks. Photo courtesy of Interbike coverage off the Speedgoat blog.

Speedgoat is a fairly well known shop in Pennsylvania with a large Internet and mail order presence. Their site and blog are worth checking out. Take a gander and see if you agree.

Long live old Volkswagens.


  1. That is a cool VW. The ones with the pop-up camper would be a cool bike hauler. It would be a nice base camp. I did see MB Sprinter 4X4 on my backpacking trip with bikes and other outdoor gear. It was set-up for anything outdoors.

  2. The Sprinter vans are awesome. Just the right size and decent mileage. Sport Mobile makes some great camper conversion out of them. Huge dough though. Even the base Sprinter vans are up there.

    All eras of the VW camper model are expensive - for how old and gutless they are. The ones from the '70s and '80s are still fetching decent dough, even though compared to modern stuff, they're pretty crude. The later Euro models have amazing held their value.

    The non-camper models are less money. I keep my eye open for them, searching Craigslist, etc. With kids and hitting races - would be great weekend camper and race support camp.

    I'd like to score one eventually. If Santa dropped off the winning lottery ticket, I'd go for the Sprinter based Sportmobile.