Friday, July 17, 2009

Birthday Cruise with Google Bike

Today was Ian's 10th birthday.  We have a family tradition that allows the birthday boy (or girl) to pick the day's festivities.  Even though it was pretty hot, Ian wanted to hit the Burke-Gilman Trail for a birthday ride.  Sister Amy was busy playing with the girls next door, so mom and Amy stayed behind.

A quick post and a few pictures.....

Ian is growing like a weed.  The 24" wheel Specialized is getting a little small.  During the ride, raised his seatpost to max height and it's still a bit low.  I may swap out for a longer seatpost and stem to get through the summer.

A stop at Matthews Beach in Seattle.  The water looked inviting - it was hot.

I dusted off the Bridgestone RB-1 for the cruise.

The old RB-1 still looks sweet.  Rides great also.

Kindly stranger manned camera for official Dad 'N' Son portrait.

Spotted the Google Bike photographing the Burke-Gilman Trail.  Look for updates on Google Earth in a few months.  The post contains cameras facing 360 degrees.  Pretty wild.

Google Bike pilot said he was from San Diego and gets paid to ride 10 - 20 miles a shot.  Sounds fun until you hear the rig weighs a few hundred pounds.  The red item you see in the rear is a running generator.  Did I mention it was hot today?  80+ degrees.  This kid is working for a living.

Ride on Google Man.  We'll enjoy your efforts online soon.

Easy slow cruise on the Burke-Gilman for Ian and I.  We're lucky to have this trail close by - as it also serves as my commute route.

Maybe the Google Bike photos will inspire other areas to develop bike trails.  Let's hope so anyway.


  1. Google bike dude was a 250-lb. clydesdale when he started that job a week ago. Now look at him.

  2. By the way, what is it about you that attracts all these google street view camera vehicles? You saw one of their trucks over by REI, right?

  3. I did spot the Google Car in Seattle once. Post on roof with same camera set up.

    Checking Google Earth later, I didn't make the cut. My car however, sitting in a parking lot did.

    I'm so proud....