Friday, July 3, 2009

Funhouse Update

As previously mentioned, the Dan O Estate (all 1150 square feet of it) experienced a dishwasher malfunction - which is not quite as entertaining as a wardrobe malfunction.  Things are looking up however.

Instead of dealing with it, we just tore the house down.  Neighbor Kim and I rented a bulldozer and did it ourselves. Afterwards, we torched the pile of rubble and roasted a few marshmallows.  It was nice.

We’ve since been living in a tent with no threat of dishwasher leaks or hot water tank explosions.  Comcast was out yesterday to run cable into the tent.  We’re all Comcastic now.  I think we’re ahead of the curve.  Soon we’ll all be in tents, yet pay cable for service.  I’m a pioneer in our neighborhood.  Neighbors all think the economy will turn around soon, everyone will receive large raises and bonus checks – then all score a new SUV with 23” chrome wheels.  Sure, they all laugh at me now – we’ll see....

Allstate Dude came out last week to inspect the damage.  They were pretty fair with the coverage.  They don’t cover the dishwasher or plumber bill.  However, they did cover damage to the walls, paint, etc – which was really minor.  So, that dough will cover the plumber and dishwasher.  They pay Water Damage Dude direct, so no problem there.  Gave us a percentage of dough to replace the wall unit – which we may not have to.  However, if we don’t – need to return that money in 6 months (will they even check?).

If a few stains on the rug can’t be cleaned – which normally sit under the wall unit anyway – Allstate will assist with replacing the rug. Carpet Cleaning Dude was out this week – can’t remove the stains. We’ll see what Allstate wants to do.  They also pay a percentage for food, since our kitchen was turned into a small wind tunnel testing facility for 7 days.  Yes, 7 days.  I just scanned the receipts last night. Today they offered a fair amount to cover the grub.

Overall, I thought Allstate was cool with everything – barring one round of phone calls, where they mentioned none of this may be covered.  In the end, no problem.  I guess we are in good hands - unless they raise our premium after this.  Then it's more like hands with middle fingers extended.  No complaints from me though, Allstate has been great.

So, at the moment – gaping hole in kitchen – waiting for dishwasher replacement, that we still need to select and purchase.  Wall unit is still in wrong spot, TV not reconnected – piles of CDs and other crap sitting in bedroom, that normally collect dust in the wall unit.  We hope to get the house back together this weekend.

Wife Lori was hoping that somehow Allstate would get us new kitchen cabinets and floor.  They would arrive with a giant blank check, similar to what Ed McMahon used to deliver for Publisher Clearing House Sweepstakes.  In my dreams, Allstate would buy me a new carbon fiber mountain bike to assist with the emotional recovery of all this. Ed is dead along with the dream.  R.I.P.

Lesson learned – check your dishwasher.  If this was a slow leak, nothing would be covered, considered a maintenance issue.  We heard a few horror stories – long term slow leak, rotted floors – sorry, no check for you.

We’re lucky Comcast was out to run cable a week earlier, no leak at the time, so considered a sudden failure.  I’m sure that helped our case.  The new dishwasher will have a leak sensor, so we don’t go through this again.

You think the Amish have these problems?


  1. Great post. I think you need to up the percentage of household appliance-related entries...they clearly inspire you. You can still sprinkle in a few bicycle-related ones now and then, as needed.

  2. Thanks - maybe I should have posted the saga of my self-repaired dryer as well. I didn't realize busted appliances could be so exciting.

    Maybe I should just forget all this bicycle nonsense and jump over to the appliance world.

    I always wanted to be Mr. Maytag.....