Tuesday, March 10, 2009

From the Archives: Fat City Slim Chance

I have a few old bicycle magazines laying around the house. Okay, a ton of old magazines. Actually - a stupid amount of magazines. I am the magazine fanatic. I have issues dating back to the early '80s up to current stuff. Over the years, I've dumped piles of magazines from other interests, but the bike magazines remain. I can't seem to throw those away.

I occasionally pull out an old copy to read once again. The Pile-O-Mags live in a closet, once a spare room, now my son's bedroom. They're buried behind toys and clothes, so I can't really see what I'm grabbing - it's sort of like playing the lottery. I reach back there and pull something out - sometimes it's cool, sometimes a waste of time. At this stage, it's all free entertainment.

Out of my ancient collection, Bicycle Guide is my favorite. This great magazine lived from the mid '80s up until the early '90s. I think it was the best all around bicycle publication ever printed. The writing style and detail was impressive. They covered mountain and road bikes, a bit of racing, interviews - a little of everything.

Posted is an example from 1991 that featured a Fat Chance Slim Chance article. Compare the detail and length of the road test to some newer magazines. Don't get me wrong, I dig some of the newer publications - but Bicycle Guide rocked.

This old Fat is pretty sweet - cool fork, great color, dig the Mavic parts - nice. I've never owed a Slim Chance or even seen one in the flesh, uh - metal. Make that steel. I'd take one now though.

I'll occasionally raid the archive for future posts. Excuse the semi-lame scan job, I'll get that sorted out for the next installment.



  1. OMG I have that exact frame set in awesome condition.

  2. And its for sale in Seattle if anyone is interested.

  3. Uncle Chuck - what size frame?

  4. 56cm - or 22in
    Here are my photos, my camera and low lighting really didn't do it justice because it looks really shinny in person- I also uploaded the ones from this article too :)


  5. Mmm.....I may be interested. 57 cm top tube?

    What are you asking for it?

  6. Yup I think it's 56cm or 57cm top tube depending on how you measure it. I was thinking $450? If you are still interested email me at unclechuck at gmail