Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cyclocross and Donuts

Bike Comrades....

I discovered this last night: MFG Cyclocross.
New ‘cross series scheduled for this fall. Zac dude involved with it also runs CBS. No, not the television network - a high end custom and fit shop here in Seattle. He’s also worked for Seven Cycles and apparently custom fitted a few zillion people.

As if you don't know - Seven is a high end production shop in Massachusetts that spawned off Merlin, which spawned off the birth of Fat City Cycles (R.I.P.) – which morphed into Independent Fabrications. The Boston area is a hotbed of bike manufacturing for the East Coast. Wicked, huh? Maybe you didn't know.

I also saw Zac guy race ‘cross at Marymoor one year – complete with friends heckling him on every lap. I don’t personally know these folk, just know who they are – sorta like a crazed stalker. If the group of people are any indication of what the upcoming series will be like – should be fun.

I’ve been incredibly lame riding myself. It’s been well over a week since turning a pedal. I am however eating like I’m riding, so I’m fueling up for the next commute. Top Pot donuts currently are the training food of choice, so I’m ready to fly.


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