Thursday, March 19, 2009

From the Archives: 1988 Mountain Bike Specialists Catalog

Pulled from the official Dan O mountain bike archives - a 1988 Mountain Bike Specialists catalog - select pages (poorly) scanned for your amusement.

The mountain bike world was fairly simple back then. Suspension and disk brakes were a long way off. However, by this point quite a few companies had jumped on the MTB bandwagon.

Being insane, I remember receiving this catalog in 1988 and pouring over it. It was mailed in a Mountain Bike Specialists water bottle, an idea I thought was great. It arrived right before my wife and I were headed to dinner with my parents at Sizzler in Rockaway, New Jersey. That's right - Sizzler, remember those? I flipped through the catalog while we waited to get in. Why do I remember this - 'cause I'm insane - like I said.

Here's a few pages straight outta '88....

I included this page since it mentioned Ned Overend answering phones for the shop. After an additional few NORBA and world championships - he probably was allowed to bag the phone patrol.

This '88 Fat Chance is similar to the '86 Fat I own and posted about previously. I also own the Ibis Trials Comp pictured. I'll get around to posting that bike sooner or later.

This was the early age of aluminum. The Klein bikes were trick for their time. Guy pictured raced a NORBA national and did a 400 mile road tour on the same bike - pretty cool, eh?

This was back when Tom Ritchey produced his own bikes - welded by the man himself. That red and white Super Comp looks sweet. Check out the mile long stem.

Double click on the pictures for better viewing. Pretend it's 1988 and you're in line at Sizzler checking out the latest in mountain bike technology.

All you can eat buffet soon to follow. Burp.


  1. Cool. I was starting to have withdrawal symptoms from dearth of posts, and today I get a two-fer.
    Check out the shirtless dude in the background of the picture on page 22. His eerie presence really complements the gendarme talking to the woman(?) with the bike in the foreground.

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I know the Internet is a crowded place. We here at Dan O Enterprises appreciate your business. We'll leave a light on for you. Why buy a mattress anywhere else?

    Yeah - pretty weird location for the Fat photo in the catalog. I think it may have been an out take from an unreleased Pink Panther movie.

    The green paint on that Fat looks great though.....