Saturday, February 21, 2009


Family slept in today, including a late breakfast that could technically be called lunch. While cleaning up, received a phone call from my work pal, Brian Willett. He was heading over to hit my local trails with his significant other, Jennie - would we like to meet them? Uh, yeah - sure.

Ian and I rode over, then we cruised the local trails for a bit. This was Jennie's 2nd whole mountain bike ride ever, so it was super slow and easy. She did fine and walked sections she wasn't comfortable with. No problem there. I honestly get a kick out of seeing new people start to ride and hopefully get hooked on bikes. Call me sappy.

After a few miles, they headed home, then Ian and I continued our usual loop at a much quicker pace. I usually follow Ian at his speed, today we swapped a bit and I let him try to follow me. He mentioned that was tougher, but good practice. We'll do some more of that in the coming weeks. He's looking forward to first race of Indie Series in April. Me too. Weather today was almost 60 degrees, sunny and perfect trails.

Wacky enough, we ran into the principle of Ian's school riding an old Klein Mantra. I didn't even know he rode bikes. Pretty cool, huh? Next time I see him at the school, will talk bikes with him.

Spotted more retro bikes in action as well. One guy on a 16 year old Cannondale, complete with Amp fork. Another dude on a sweet black Fat City Yo Eddy - similar to mine.

Blog posts without pictures are kind of lame. No camera today - sorry. Batteries were toast.


  1. Somehow I am able to picture it pretty well.
    Thanks to both you and Ian for being good sports on the pacing (or lack thereof).

  2. No problem. It's fun being the occasional tour guide. Let's hit the trails again soon.