Sunday, February 22, 2009

Harlem Globetrotters

On a last minute whim, took the family to see the Harlem Globetrotters today. Ian has been interested in basketball lately and we thought he'd kick out of it - and Amy as well. Lori saw them play once as a kid, complete with autographed ball.

I've never seen the Globetrotters live and just remember them on television as a kid in the '70s. Usually on Wide World of Sports with Howard Cosell or something similar. Meadowlark and Curley the only players I remember.

All the familiar gags remain today - basketball on a string, water bucket full of confetti, dragging people and kids from the crowd into the act. All harmless fun and great for kids.

Amazing though, the Washington Generals beat the Globetrotters for the first time. Ah, not really - and they continue their losing streak against the Globetrotters for 13,000+ continuous games now. Yet, they never give up. A lesson for us all. Maybe not.

Afterwards, autograph session - we got one from "Skyscraper". I've never stood next to anyone 7' 3" before. Dude is huge. Makes normal size folks look like kids standing next to him.

I'm not really a basketball fan, but can see the Globetrotters are an American institution. Been around since 1926 and its all good family fun. Can't argue with an act that's been around that long.

In the end, Ian said it was okay, but would rather see a "real" basketball game. Amy enjoyed it more and said she would go again. Lori enjoyed it as well.

Me? I'll stick with bikes. Can't hurt to poke my head out the bike rut occasionally though.

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