Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Vintage Volkswagens - Seattle Style

Over the last few years I've been hitting car shows regularly, usually with my 16 year old son in tow. We shoot a ton of photos and compare pics later, which turns out to be just another excuse for great father and son time. Nothing wrong with that I say. My son can also now kick my ass using Lightroom for editing. Kids are funny that way.

My gear head car interest is all over the map, but falls mainly on vintage cars. From Italian models from Ferrari, Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo - to Porsche 911s and 914s - to Datsun Zs and 510s - and plenty of other examples. As the years go by, I have less interest in most new cars, the old stuff much more interesting. 

Mixed in with all this, include air cooled Volkswagens. I get a kick out of the VW scene, since it never seems to die. It just moves between generations morphing along the way - from perfectly restored vintage models to rusty rat rods, lifted off road rigs to slammed and cambered, patina to perfect - it's all there. Many different variation on the basic VW theme.

I've shot hundreds of VWs at various Seattle area events and awhile back started posting 'em to various VW Facebook pages, just for fun. What's the sense of having photos ferment on your hard drive? My take on things anyway.

Via my posting, one Facebook page contacted me, Bugbus.net, asking if I'd like to be an Admin on their page - meaning I can post whatever desired and it remains on the main Facebook feed. Bugbus.net is a European based classified site for vintage VWs and parts. No money involved with any of this for me, but they have sent me a logo hoodie and other goodies as thanks. I've posted a fair amount of VW photos on their site over the last two years, all good fun.

I also recently created a Instagram account to post my VW photos. Been interesting watching the followers slowly increase, though still laughably small compared to some accounts. If interested, you can find it searching Instagram for Vintage_VW_Spotter. There also a few Porsches included, the free bonus. Call now, operators are standing by.

Below are some examples of VWs floating around the Seattle area, just a taste of the creativity and local scene. Feel free to make up your own captions...

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