Thursday, March 8, 2012

BuDu Series Race # 2 - Mountain Bike Season Begins

Mountain bike race season officially begins in the Pacific Northwest, with the BuDu series kicking it off.  A very well run local series that Racer Boy Ian competed in last season with some pretty cool results.  A fun series for sure.

For this year, son Ian missed the first race due to basketball commitments.  Second race of the series, held last weekend was also no go for Ian, due to a bad cold.  I missed both races due to a bad case of being lame, and still being very much in my winter slump.  Woe is me.

I hit the second race anyway to pick up Ian's 2012 race kit, since some fellow JL Velo teammates offered to lug it over.  I wandered the course a bit to shoot a few pics, slideshow posted as proof.  As I get old and feeble, seem to enjoy shooting races more then actually (allegedly) competing in 'em.

Running through the woods reminded me how fun the trails of Soaring Eagle Park are.  Need to head back soon for a little singletrack fun 'n' frolicking.


  1. Missed Cycling for Basketball? um

  2. @Mr Bill. Yup, Ian digs basketball as well - been a great experience for the last three seasons though. Good stuff. Of course, bikes are more fun...