Saturday, September 3, 2011

Team 'Cross Practice

The countdown to 'cross season continues. Reeve, dad to two of Ian's teammates on the JLVelo team, offered to host an informal 'cross practice session today for juniors. Sounded like a great opportunity for Ian to pick up some skills and ride with teammates. Off to Woodland Park in Seattle, bright and early. Fantastic September day for this shindig.

A few blurry pics, courtesy of the little ol' Point 'N' Shoot....

Session started off with actual calisthenics. Holy gym class Batman - I haven't done this stuff in decades - and have the body to show for it (creak, crunch). The kids however, are limber from the get go.

Next up, various dismount, remount and running drills. Round 'N' Round we go.

Followed by some cornering drills. Reeve goes for the inside line, Evan doesn't allow it.

Henry about to slam the door on Ian. Heh, heh....

Now Ian is getting it, forcing Henry to go wide.

After additional drills, which included practice starts and slow speed bumping into each other - time for a few laps around the park - impromptu 'cross course. A fun two hours total. Though billed as informal, Reeve did a great job running the juniors around. These kids are much faster and more experienced then Ian, so a great experience (for me too). Ian and I ride a lot, but racing is different. This type of session boosts confidence and ability. Great stuff. It also allowed Ian more time on the 'cross bike, which he's getting used to. Monday will allow even more time and experience - first race of the season. Yikes. He's looking forward to it.

On a related note, the Project Hakkalugi build launched today. A few shiny new parts hanging on the old frame. Hope to have this fully rolling tomorrow. Details to follow. I may be able to embarrass myself on a 'cross course soon.

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