Monday, August 9, 2010

Road Bike Wheelie - No Hands

Check out this no handed road bike wheelie - complete with Italian cheering. Pretty damn impressive.

AC/DC soundtrack included at no extra charge. Enjoy.


  1. Wow! Me and a wheelie always end up doing a backward endo.

  2. I'm a bit out of practice and can wheelie some bikes better then others, but I can officially ride a wheelie. I'm not super great at it, but can pull off the decent one for 50+ yards or so, occasionally.

    As a kid, I rode wheelies all the time on Sting Rays and the skill has remained buried in my ancient bag of tricks. Compared to the dude in the video, I'd be classified as lame.

    Funny pic, complete with tube socks, of me riding a nice wheelie back in the '80s here:

  3. That is incredible, better balance then a cat.