Monday, April 26, 2010

John Burke Presentation

Here's a great presentation by John Burke, Head Honcho at Trek bikes. It's from 2007 and still very relevant today - especially with the Commuter Challenge right around the corner in May.

This talk is over 20 minutes long, but worth watching. Anyone who already bike commutes will be nodding their head like a demented Bobble Head - 'cause we already know. We know that bike commuting rocks and can solve many modern ills - from obesity, to congestion, to pollution. Oh yeah, plus it's fun.

Very cool that Trek and other bike industry types realize the next bike boom could revolve around people using bikes as general transportation. What a concept! You can only sell so many carbon frames to the already converted and racer wannabes (and I'm guilty as charged).

Grab a snack and view what John has to say. Then join whatever bike advocacy groups you think deserve your support. In the long run, it helps all cyclists and maybe the world as well.

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