Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

After a busier then normal work week, complete with overtime - a lazy Labor Day weekend. Slept late all three days and goofed around the yard with the kids. On and off rain over the weekend with cool temps - a reminder fall is on the way.

Ian and I did get out for two mountain bike rides in our local woods on Saturday and Monday. With the rain, trails were in great shape. Dusty conditions replaced by tacky dirt, leaves and pine needles. Yup, fall is around the corner. Smelled great in the woods also. That wet, Northwest forest scent. Fresh, clean and a pleasure to experience.

The ride on Saturday included spotting three other dads riding with kids. That sets a record, but still one I'm looking forward to seeing broken. Riding with your kid is something that is truly special. If you're a parent, you know where I'm coming from. If you're not a parent - trust me - it's cool.

Ride today, partly in the rain - but still felt great - included running into some old riding pals from my BBTC days, Lenny and Jenny. They haven't seen Ian since he was a baby. Now he's riding with me. Time flies.

Long weekend is almost over. Back to the rat race tomorrow....


  1. Very cool that you're starting your kids early. I started skiing when I was three, racing when I was seven and did the Mora Vasalopet when I was eight. Sets your kids up for a lifetime of healthy living.

  2. Thanks. I'm not pushing any of this - it's gotta be fun. So far, Ian still digs the whole thing - riding and racing.

    Daughter Amy is 5 years old and still on training wheels. No rush, when she's ready - we'll move ahead.