Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Escape from the Norm

Slight escape from the norm today. Every few months I take a day off work to meet some old pals for lunch, get there by bike, and get a few hours to myself - a rare deal being Family Guy.

Overcast and windy day, empty Sammamish River Trail, Mexican food at one of my favorite places to eat, some laughs with old friends, Brian and Kevin. Stopped a few bike shops to poke around afterwards, then headed home.

A low stress day, 30 mile easy cruise, and a few attempts at artsy pictures to capture the ride. Back to the normal grind tomorrow.


  1. Everybody knows Norm.....Norm Mc Rat Race.

    He's the guy that takes up all your time, makes sure you're properly dressed, and get out of bed every morning.

    Leaving Norm behind occasionally is a good thing. Lucky for us, Norm doesn't ride a bike.

  2. Some call him Norm. Others call him The Man.