Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Driver - Brock Yates

Buried in my Pile-O-Books since the '70s, this copy of Sunday Driver last read by teenaged me.  That is until recently, when I dusted it off for a revisit.

Even with a few decades between readings, I actually remembered sections of it, especially the ending - where author Brock Yates races the very illegal Cannonball Run across the US, with legend race driver Dan Gurney in a Ferrari.  That bit of history stuck in my mind for 35+ years.

Up until that point, Brock Yates - who also was involved with  the early era of Car and Driver magazine - writes in detail about attending the Bob Bondurant racing school, racing some SCCA events, then finally a few Trans-Am races in a very modified Camaro.

All with an interesting and fun writing style.  Brock also knows his way around a track and appears to race fairly well throughout the adventure.  Super talented pro driver he is not however, so also puts a Walter Mitty spin on the tale.  You can imagine yourself in his shoes attempting all this along with him.

A very easy, entertaining, quick read for fans of auto racing. Being written in 1972 also puts a time capsule aspect to the whole gig.  Dig up a copy for a test spin...

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