Sunday, August 19, 2012

SOVREN - Pacific Northwest Historics

A few weeks ago, uh - actually July 1st - I headed down to Pacific Raceways to check out a little vintage car racing.  The annual SOVREN event, Pacific Northwest Historics, has been around for many years.  I've always wanted to attend, but have never done so.

This year, having one pal show his old Datsun Roadster and another racing his Datsun 510, gave me the needed motivation to finally hit the event.  On top of that, a coworker pal/fellow photography buff, also planned to be there.  Fun day hanging out with like minded types watching vintage cars circulate the track, snapping pictures, and soaking up the scene.  Certainly not a bad way to spend a day outside, for sure.  Sign me up for next year.

If you're looking for who won what race, look elsewhere.  I basically cruised around all day taking pics, talking to folks, and catching bits of actual racing.  One thing that hits as you wander around the pit area, vintage car racing can be a crazy expensive pursuit.  Very large RVs acting as base camps, huge trailers full of expensive/super nice vintage cars - that will be raced pretty hard.  Some lower budget race setups as well, but overall, large checkbook required for this game.  Great to witness though.  The other thing that hits you - some of these cars are pretty damn loud - and pretty damn fast.  Vintage does not mean slow.

A few words and pics from the day...

My pal Marcelo's very nicely prepped Datsun 510.  When I arrived to the track, car was already totaled from a bad crash earlier in the day.  Very serious crunch into concrete retaining wall, Marcelo walking away with minor concussion symptoms.  Physical and financial ouch on both fronts, said he'll build up another 510 and race again.

For the record, excellent pic of Marcelo's car is not mine, was borrowed from Facebook.  More photos of this fantastic looking 510 found here - courtesy of Northwest Datsun Enthusiasts (NWDE) - the local Datsun club.

My pal Dave's Roadster on display along with other vintage Datsuns, courtesy of his Datsun club.  This Roadster, don't remember the exact year - 1960 something - also sports a rare aftermarket hardtop, that had Datsun fans gawking.  Dave owns multiple Roadsters in various states of repair, this one unrestored and a driver.  Cool little car.

I scored a ride in Dave's Roadster for a few parade laps during a break in the racing, along with my co-worker pal, Scott, seen in the blue Roadster directly ahead of us.  Fun stuff.  I've actually experienced this course before - though a tad faster - a few years ago on two wheels, during a track day aboard my Aprilia Falco SL1000.  Buzzing the track again in Dave's Roadster was a blast and added to the event.  Thanks Dave!

Many interesting cars found throughout the day.  Very cool event.  I took a few zillion pics, narrowed 'em down for a little slideshow.  Enjoy...

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