Sunday, May 20, 2012

Handsome Cycles XOXO Classic

I recently came across Handsome Cycles that puts out pretty cool looking Bridgestone X0-1 replica.  Uses the same geometry as the original, but TIG welded, not lugged.  It's even the same snappy orange color, plus reasonably priced at $640 for frame and fork.  Putting one of these together would be a fun build.  Commuter/mountain/road rig.  Hell, maybe even race 'cross on it.

Here's a page from '90s era Bridgestone catalog with Pineapple Bob piloting the original X0-1.  Bridgestone, headed by Grant Petersen, put out some excellent bikes during that era.  The X0-1 was a mix of mountain and road bike - sorta - that created its own breed of bike.  Unsuspended quick handing frame, 26" mountain bike sized wheels, then "moustache 'bars" complete with road brake levers and bar end shifters.  Then add in that cool orange paint.  The bike is now a cult classic and eBay collector material.

When Bridgestone USA was folding shop later in the '90s, I remember receiving a BOB (Bridgestone Owners Bunch) newsletter, selling remaining XO-1 models direct to members.  I was milliseconds away from placing an order - but didn't - since I already had a Bridgestone RB-1, MB-Zip and MB3 hanging in the garage.  I still wish I did to this day.  Oh well.

Having Handsome Cycles produce a replica proves the interest is still out there.  Now is the chance to build up something in the same spirit. Place your order now...

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