Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ibis for Sale - My First eBay Adventure

Attention citizens of Blog Land. I'm selling my Ibis Trials Comp - as featured in a recent post. All profits applied to Project Access - a noble cause. Hey, anything involved with bikes is a noble cause.

I did the local Seattle Craigslist deal for a few days. A few questions from folks, but nothing even remotely near a sale. I've bought and sold items off Craigslist - it's a great set up - and the cost is even better. As in free, can't beat that.

Since this Ibis is a niche bike - observed trials, and a vintage collectible deal - thought I'd try the eBay route. I've bought a few things off eBay, but never listed anything myself. Should be interesting. Click here to see all the action.

So far, zero bids. Oh yeah, this is smelling like success already....


  1. Yo Dan, I posted your bike for a good cause on my blog.

  2. Thanks for the mention on your blog.

    So far, my garage sale is going okay. I have one bid on the Ibis, so technically it's sold. Will see if anyone else bids before the eBay auction is up.

    I've also sold off other bike stuff that was no longer in use - and have other items ready to roll. It's all good. I'm just trying to break even or not go overboard building up Ian's bike.

    We're not exactly broke, but it's hard to justify throwing down the big dough for a bike when you're doing the one paycheck family deal. I feel better selling off some old goodies to balance things out. It also makes things easier, uh - with the Mrs. - with all this bike tomfoolery.

    I still may by a new 29er and move the parts off my Cannondale over to him. Sounds loopy, but it's not that much more expensive then picking up a bunch of parts for his frame alone.

    Ian's replacement frame has arrived. I also ordered a new headset, chain, and Shimano LX crank for him - all on eBay.

    I'll get the details up on the blog as this plots along.....

  3. Yeap, I know the territory, been there. Back then with a single income family of 5, I rode a bike to work because I had to. Now my youngest is 21 I miss of lot of those days, but these days also have plenty of life, and fun to em.

  4. We had kids late in life, so by the time they're out of the house - I'll be around 60 years old. Hard to fathom at the moment.

    My Ibis just sold on eBay - only one bidder - but that's all I needed. I'll count my chickens when the eggs hit my Paypal account. Hopefully no hassles, or I'll have to list once again.