Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dark Commute

Even in the dark, enjoyable ride home after work tonight. Wet, but not raining, temps in the 50s, empty Burke-Gilman Trail - not bad at all.

It's still early enough in the winter for the dark commutes to be a novelty. It'll start getting old in a few weeks, as it does every winter, but for now - it's all good.

I had some fun messing around with camera during the ride. I get a kick out of shooting while moving, since you never know what you'll wind up with. With the digital age, fire away - the "film" is cheap.....


  1. You look all pro there! I wish I could commute to work, but it's 42 miles one way.

  2. Excellent pics. I am with you on taking random pics while riding. Fun, and the price is right on the film (my kids don't even understand what camera film is)...

  3. Look pro? It's all an illusion. My motto is "Look pro. Go slow."

    Yeah - my kids have no idea what "film" is either - or TV without remotes, life without computers/Internet, etc.

  4. LOL... try to explain life before mobile phones.

    Oh, and I like your motto...

  5. That's my favorite look: knee warmers, shoe covers, cap under the helmet. Very Euro.


  6. Yeah - me too. I tend to wear knee warmers a little too often - they just feel right. It is euro and gives the illusion I know what I'm doing.

    Now if I could only speak Italian - to yell at motorists and bewildered Burke-Gilman Trail users - that would be cool.