Thursday, May 17, 2018

Siege's Vintage Motorcycle Show - 2017 Edition

Attention vintage motorcycle fans, a public service announcement. After much ado, I now present photos from Siege's show of January 2017. Yes, I know it's now 2018, better late then never. Yes?

  1. I did post show photos to my Facebook account last year, but that only allows a few hundred of my closest friends to witness 'em, verses thousands of blog followers (ha!).
  2. Seige usually posts show photos to his siteBeing the International Man of Busyness, last year's show apparently never posted.
  3. The January 2018 show postponed, new venue in the works (we hope).
With all reasoning now explained, some of the vintage steeds displayed in 2017...

Looking semi-modern to my old school eyes, the tasty '90 Suzuki RM125.

Hiding under the dark stairwell, the '75 Honda CR250 Elsinore. Didn't sell in the numbers of the CR125, but a cool bike in its own right.

Barn find '74 Penton 175, ran when parked in '86. Start in a few kicks?

Kawasaki 500 triple attracts the adoring crowd.

'86 Honda 750 Interceptor basks in the sun.

1965 Honda CB160 leans coyly to the left. Nice example of what assisted with the motorcycle boom of the '60s that carried into the '70s.

1969 Penton 125 ready to tackle the ISDT, or at least the push back to the van.

Fantastic looking CCM at rest. Old school four stroke history in the metal.

Siege, the man behind the festivities, poses with Sally - showing off the spectacular '82 Yamaha TZ250 - yes indeed.

Blinded by the light, the illuminated Yamaha YZ250.

For the right amount of cash, this vintage Husky could follow you home.

The Black Crabs providing background music, cool addition to the show.

1966 Bultaco Mercurio 175. One of my favorite bikes for the day, look at that tank! Yes please.

Ghost replica CZ balance act.

Hannah in the house! Well, sorta...

1974 Suzuki RL250 searching for nearest trials section. Several friends of mine owned one back in the day. I've guest ridden so many times in the '70s, feel like I owned one myself. Cool memories associated with this model of Suzuki.

Rickman Honda CB350. Very cool, old school cafe racer - the real deal.

Well executed vintage CZ.

Room full of '70s two wheeled memories.

Triumph flat tracker resists urge to go left.

'76 Honda CR125 Elsinore. Dude who restored it showed me the "before" photos. Great job on this one, the "after" photo as proof. I'm very familiar with this model, having owned and ridden in the '70s.

Plonk, plonk, dab, dab. Bultaco Sherpa T observed trials rig, direct from '70s era Spain.

1976 works Can-am 250 raced by Buck Murphy during the Can-am glory days.

Two Honda NSR 250s in one location. Coincidence?

1978 Bultaco Streaker 125. When was last time you spotted one? Been at least a week, I'm sure.

Kawasaki triple cafe project.

BSA 650 representing the British Empire.

BMW cafe project available for purchase. Call now, operators are standing by.

1985 Maico GME 250. Later era for Maico and in rare enduro form to boot.

Additional coverage for my official favorite bike of the show. 1982 Yamaha TZ250 stuns the eyes and camera lens.

Vintage Husqvarna in profile.

Well used Yamaha TT 500.

'76 Bultaco 370 Pursang. Further proof why vintage is cooler then modern.

'60s era small bore Suzuki looking new.

Somebody apparently digs Kawasaki KXs.

Brad Lackey was here.

'75 Kawasaki KT250 - from a time when observed trials was gonna be the next big thing - didn't happen.

Vintage KTM looking modern day capable.

1966 Triumph trials bike. Great example of eclectic mix that appears at this show.

The Allstate, available at your local Sears store. Maybe.

Shiny happy people, the cool scene for all.

The mighty Greeves stands tall.

Yamaha YZ250 guards the balcony.

Bikes to look at, people to meet, space to roam.

Yamaha YZ360 looking more modern then vintage.

Bultaco speedway bike, how cool is that?

Suzuki PE175 appearing woods ready.

Super sano '73 Honda CR125 Elsinore.

Superb example of all things Maico. Fantastic build on this one.

Add another Maico to the mix.

Can-am 250 fresh from the '70s.

Stunning '60s era Honda - wish I collected some info - remains a mystery.

So there it is, quick photo download and rushed pithy comments at no additional cost. If and when the 2018 edition occurs, I plan to be there - you should too.

Until then...